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New Oceanfront Signature Design

The challenge: To create an open, ocean-view, custom residence on a small, 100 foot wide lot.

This program is packed with over-sized, four-car garage areas, a grande room over thirty feet wide, and volume areas to the ocean, with balconies.

The concept

The solution: A functional space plan of utility and geometry. These homes require a commercial system of design simply because of their mass, height, and one-of-a-kind structural design. They are very involved to create and very involved to construct.

View of the front under construction

The firm of Benjamin P. Butera, Inc. and Viscomi Construction have teamed together on this Signature assignment.

View from the Atlantic Ocean

The project is about 60% complete and the new oceanfront custom is revealing its identity as one of Ormond Beach's iconic custom designs. Ben's firm has been recognized throughout the years as a leader in signature custom home design throughout the Southeastern United States and has won several design awards for their efforts.

Grande living

Our firm continues to accept the challenge of one-of-a-kind design in this very competitive, but rewarding, field of design.

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