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Home Design and Remodeling Tips

Ben saw and recommends these 10 tips for making smart decisions in regard to redesigning your home…

1 – High vanities: Use 36″ high cabinets in the adult bathrooms and save your back.

2 – Design a seat in the shower: Seats should be 16″ deep and 16″ high.

3 – Showers: Minimum width of 36″.

4 – Consider 10′ ceilings instead of vaulted spaces. Rooms will be spacious and more economical to heat and cool.

5 – Electrical outlets: Create a furniture plan to help locate outlet placement. Outlets can be raised, as well, for easy access.

6 – Soundproof: Insulate bedroom walls to provide additional privacy.

7 – Garages: Most garages are not wide enough. Adding an extra four to five feet on either side of a car will allow for storage and save your car doors.

8 – Garage doors: Single width is 10″; Double width is 18″.

9 – Florida is the place for open plans. Reducing the number of full walls and hallways will increase natural light throughout the house. Dark rooms have no place in Florida rooms.

10 – Hire a professional unless you have the know-how. It causes too much heartache and expense to re-do and re-design. Do it wrong, spending too much time and money and it does not work, and the finished product will always look like an add-on.

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