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Architectural Design: Oceanfront

The intricacies of designing a custom home on the ocean are many. The site always dictates the final product, however, ocean front sites require much more analysis.

A) The first mountain to climb is the process of Department of Environmental Protection approval. If done correctly, this process will take three to six months. It involves surveys, soil investigations, setbacks, national and local elevation locations, water retention, views, and the list goes on and on.

B) The structure design is also regulated by many issues. Building eastward of the coastal setback line requires pile foundations to depths of twenty four to thirty six feet. A concrete grade beam must connect all piles and then the structure may begin.

C) Special design features: Views to the ocean, neighborhood privacy, secure entry to the property, an intense sun study of exposure and use of glass. Flowing, functional design of site includes pools, lanais, entries, mechanical equipment, etc., must all be a cohesive design process that requires coordination of many professionals under the direction of the architect.

Experience, talent and the ability to lead a design team to a final product will ensure a successful project. Sometimes, clients do not realize what it takes and, unfortunately, we see this all to often in our local area.

Take some time to browse through our website and enjoy some of our past and current oceanfront projects.

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